Green Pharmatek

is a Global platform which provides a talent solution and employee management services for small to mid-size companies across a variety of industries. Green Pharmatek was established in the 2011 as a US Staffing agency.

We, as a talent partner, help guide you in the right direction to build on your business’ success.

Hire Talent

Make the recruiting process easy.
Green Pharmatek offers a wide range of world-class staffing and recruitment solutions for both large and mid-sized (this needs to match the above state of “small to mid-sized companies”) companies in the US. (Missing a space) Green Pharmatek is a (not “an”) global recruiting company that offers a customized talent solution for every industry and continuously cultivates a pipeline of the best talents in the industry.

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Creating Opportunities
At Green Pharmatek, we make your dreams come true! Our recruitment process fosters expansion, sharpens the abilities, and molds you for further success. Our belief is in employing people on the basis of their character, and then teaching and training them in a variety of ways so that they are able to be prepared for their career.

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Talent Management

We are designed to meet the unique needs of your business.
Green Pharmatek is a global staffing company offering services spanning the entire talent lifecycle including (but not limited to): recruitment, onboarding, development, and management. We are uniquely positioned to deliver Talent Management Services.

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