Green Pharmatek Talent Solutions approach the needs and requirements of the talent management from an angle that surpasses the expectations of our clients. It is through our capabilities of being one of the industry-leading international spheres that we are able to provide you with an exclusive, new approach to make sure that the needs of your workforce are driven by the goals set by your business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We offer bespoke services that comprise of Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, Managed Service Provider or MSP services, Vendor Modular Service or VMS and the modular services, which can assist you in forming your talent acquisition strategies and increasing your employer brand through the innovative and latest technologies as well as digital tactics.

Outsourcing your staffing and recruitment offers you the access to the right candidates at the right time. We have been recruiting experts since the year 2011, and we have been onsite with our clients offering dedicated solutions for the last 5 years. So, why not think back to your talent challenges and then relate it to the solutions that we recommend?

The points mentioned below will cover all or even just a part of the hiring lifecycle that will support you when and where you need the assistance:

  • Enterprise RPO: All the permanent recruiters across your organization.
  • Division and skill set: Availability of the permanent hires within the specific department. For instance: full call center, IT function, and much more.
  • Entry level: Entry level/Campus recruitment initiatives to promote your company and secure the best graduate-level talent.
  • Project RPO: Over 50 hires, which is usual for the head office relocations, new country entry, shared service centers, or simply ramping up for a fresh project or line of your business.
  • Total talent management: All permanent as well as temporary level recruiting across your full enterprise.

Vendor management services

We provide our proprietary vendor and contractor management systems, including 3 story software to all our customers, 3SS presently manages more than $4 million in spending, 36,000+ jobs and more than 66,000 timesheets each and every year. The 3SS centralize all the workers from the suppliers in a single cloud-based that instantly permits your hiring managers and the executive stakeholders to access the real-time data from anywhere, wherever there is an internet connection available.

Whether you possess an in-house flexible workforce program or you outsource to meet your complex international need, our cloud-based vendor management system will assist you in managing contractors, complicated project services, and also permanent-basis hiring under a single roof, rapidly and easily.

Full cost control
Restrain rogue expenditure. Set the spending limit on the project, whether it is permanent or temporary. Integrate it with your own PO systems. Whatever demand or cost approval process you possess, the 3 story software will enable you to maximize your savings. This means you will be able to make your rules and have it all your way.

Complete visibility
Identify the area where you spend the most and the areas where you were able to save the most, and also which supplier delivers to you at the most competitive rate. Such information is something that you must know and to help you gain that knowledge, 3 Story Software will help you get the best insight into the situations, which will help you make better and wise decisions.

Enhanced efficiency
It will be better to streamline your back office, along with automating self-billing of the suppliers, integrating admin with your finance systems. We can help you in the two most important areas, i.e. saving time and money with our unified automation and management services.

Assured compliance
Lower your contractor misclassification and the other recruiting regulation risks and make sure adherence to procedure. With 3 Story Software, you will be able to set the standards and your system will do the remaining task.

Elevated standard hires
From the automated notifications that inspire the action to the contractor performance reports to monitor your return on PSL. 3 Story Software will equip you with the much-needed tools to monitor more than just cost and time to raise your game of how you select.

Lower risks
Reduce the chances of any miscommunication or misunderstandings. Enforce the needs, requirements, and the rates of negotiated bills. Our vendor management service will assist you in mitigating supplier risks and enhancing the hiring manager relations.

Payroll Management Services

Payroll Management Service of Green Pharmatek offers an essential service to many of our customers at all the levels of labor employ staff.

From time to time, the companies wish to use the expertise and experience of the students, ex-hires, contractors, retirees, and of the other potential employment groups, we are able to carry out the task for all the employment administrative as well as record keeping encompassing the weekly pay advices and suggestions, taxation, and invoicing requirements.

Our PMS services comprise of:

  • Statutory compliance for your hires.
  • A centralized payroll hub.
  • Management of the superannuation payments.
  • Taxation that coves GST, PAYG, and FBT needs.
  • Maintenance of all the hire information records.
  • Ongoing payroll support and advice.
  • TFN declaration.
  • Incorporates deductions, allowances, accruals, child support, and shift allowances, personal and annual leave.

For further data on any one of the services that has been mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to us.