As the pharmaceutical industries have to battle many complications in order to generate new and innovative products in the market, we assist them in acquiring and managing the talent that they need in order to succeed and gain competitive advantage through our talented and screened candidates appropriate for the job.

It is difficult in today’s time to find the right and licensed candidates for drug development on your own and to be of assistance, we at Green Pharmatek pre-screen the candidates that will be perfect for the position.


It is a fact that the majority of the pharmaceutical companies are increasingly shifting their R&D as well as sourcing focus to the large-molecule products and most of them are now becoming bio-pharma. In order to ensure that they have all the manpower that they need to make the transition smooth and run efficiently, we offer a wide pool of talent acquisition.

At Green Pharmatek, matching candidates from diverse fields to one specific department that brings out the best of their abilities, a task that many think is difficult we fulfil.

Medical Device

The international medical device industry segment encompasses medical devices in orthopaedics, cardiovascular, wound care, neurology, minimally invasive, endoscopy, audiology, anaesthesia and respiratory, ophthalmology, aesthetics, urology and gynaecology and others like durable medical equipment, hospital supplies and much more.

Getting the right minds in the industry for medical devices is a tough call and hiring the best is the work that you will achieve only from Green Pharmatek.


The healthcare industry comprises of medical devices, hospitals, clinical trials, telemedicine, outsourcing, medical tourism, medical equipment and health insurance. The healthcare sector is expanding at a brisk pace because of its strengthening coverage, amenities and growing expenditure by the public as well as private enterprises.

Even in the healthcare industry, it is like moving a rock to find the experts who are skilled in all the departments included in this sector. However, at Green Pharmatek we pick out the recruits that are best suited for the job.

Information Technology

The information technology or IT sector is a field that is undergoing quick evolution and is altering the shape of the global business standards. This specific sector consists of consultancies, software development, software management, virtual services and business process outsourcing or BPO.

Keeping track of the fresh IT graduates right from the university, is what helps Green Pharmatek ensure that there is never a shortage of getting the right IT professional for the vacant position.


Connect, interact and retain the best engineering talent to be a part of the rapidly growing engineering sector which comprises of work like manufacturing, telecom, aerospace, energy, defence, electronics, and medical devices. In order to succeed in this industry, it is essential for you to have a deep comprehension of the key business that enables you to align the correct resource for the role in your company.

More than the engineering sectors, it is the engineering graduates that find it difficult to get the right job, we at Green Pharmatek bridge the gap between job aspirants and business enterprises.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is the international powerhouse that employs hundreds of thousands of workers across the globe and also generates hundreds of billions of dollars. Keeping pace with the advancement in this industry is essential for long survival in the market.

With the aging workforce paired with a rise in the new oil and gas development is developing challenges for the energy enterprises in the areas of retention, recruitment and training. We understand that the oil and gas industry is encountering a shrinking talent pool and we are prepared to provide them with specialized expertise.


The finance industry includes the firms that are engaged in the activities of investing, insurance, lending, securities trading, and security issuance. The clients of the industry are individuals, non-profit organizations, business enterprises and government agencies.
The finance industry has to deal with the pressure of hiring clearly-stated set of skills and the ones that are in accordance with the stringent recruitment, the task that we are masters at fulfilling on your behalf.


The aerospace industry is the efforts of the humans put into science, engineering and the business of flying in the atmosphere of Earth and the surrounding spaces. The organizations of the aerospace industry research, design, manufacture, operate and maintain the aircraft or the spacecraft.

The aerospace enterprises are facing even stiffer challenges as the web and computer organizations, and other sectors such as auto industry move into the sectors such as autonomous and drones systems. However, it is not a challenge that we cannot meet.

Non-clinical Healthcare

The support of the non-clinical healthcare personnel is highly important in order to make sure that the facilities operate at the optimum levels. We strive to identify and maintain the list of the qualified candidates to provide to our clients when they need them for the non-clinical roles in the healthcare industry.

Hiring is a challenge in any industry but you will be hard-pressed to find an industry where it is more strenuous than in healthcare, the stakes are extremely high and the healthcare amenities cannot afford to onboard talents that do not fit their specific needs and requirements. This is the main reason why we help the healthcare sector hire the experienced talents.

Information Technology

We offer skilled and experienced information technology or IT professionals that possess technical knowledge as well as analytical skills so that they are able to keep all the parts of your business connected and operative efficiently.

Hiring and retaining tech talent still remains IT’s number one challenge, the talents are in short supply and must also be adapted to the present environment, which is why we process your recruiting function so as to analyze and provide with new and efficient talents.

Administrative and Clerical

We provide a wide variety of talent options for the job seekers and to the businesses looking for temporary or direct hire positions. Business enterprises move too fast to be slowed down by the staffing gaps. So, when you require filling the administrative or clerical position, Green Pharmatek is the place from where you will get the top talent.

At Green Pharmatek, we deliver integrated staffing solutions to meet the challenges of the modern day business recruitment. The priorities of our clients are our priorities and also our mission to offer the best quality recruitment assistance.