As a specialist in cloud-based systems, Green PharmaTek is qualified to advise customers on the layout, creation, and architecture of the apps.

We provide a broad range of  cloud services, including managed service solutions and the analysis, design, implementation, migration, and/or maintenance of cloud applications, processes, and/or computer systems.

Take a look at our comprehensive services:

  • Consulting & Strategy
  • Modernization & Transformation
  • Cloud Engineering & Innovation
  • Cloud Data & Insights
  • DevSecops & Cloud Automation
  • Workplace Transformation
  • Cloud Security & Compliance

Customer Benefits from the Cloud services we offer

Reduced IT Costs–Costs associated with hardware, infrastructure, utilities, and the layout of huge data centers are reduced thanks to cloud computing.

Data Security and Recovery–Cybercrimes like data breaches can be efficiently dealt with. Data rollback in cloud storage is significantly more seamless.

Unlimited Storage–The capacity of the cloud to store data in different cloud data storage types is virtually limitless.  

Automatic Software Updates and Integration -Using cloud infrastructure, it’s simple to get automatic upgrades using the newest technology for your IT needs. 

Collaborative -In cross-collaboration across teams from operations, product architects, developers, QA, and security, cloud environments are sufficiently visible.  

Partnership with Leading Cloud Providers

Your ideas are transformed by Green PharmaTek into expert and organized designs. Utilizing a hybrid cloud strategy, continuously modernize your applications on any platform. We have alliances with top cloud service providers and these include Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud.